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Enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the Tuscan countryside

There was an antique inscription carved in stone, along the dirt road that once linked Reggello to Florence, recited:
"Thou traveler who comes from afar, stop and taste the blissful wine at Montalbano Farm."
That stone was swept away to widen the original road, but, even today, the elderly of the area still remember it carry its words in their tales of wisdom.

The Montalbano Farm is in the municipality of Reggello, between the villages of San Donato in Fronzano and Donnini, just 27 km (16.7 mi) from Florence, and close to the most splendid art cities of Tuscany. At an elevation of 400 meters (1,312 ft), behind the slopes of the Pratomagno, it dominates the Arno valley, offering guests scenery of rare beauty. This splendid countryside is ideal for anyone looking for peace and quiet, for those who wish to rediscover the pace, flavours and smells now lost in the rush of everyday life, and restore their energies surrounded by the beauty of unspoiled nature. The atmosphere on the farm is friendly, with blissful company of new friends from all over the world. The children (and not only…) will enjoy swimming in the beautiful rock pool, playing boules and table tennis in the play-park, and meeting the farm animals.Enjoy long walks, horseback riding through the vineyard, lunch in the orchard, a good book, and the charm of the Tuscan countryside. Admire the spiraling cypress trees, medieval bell towers and churches, and enjoy a rejuvenating experience in the heart of Italy. In the evenings, come join us for the fresh air, traditional Tuscan foods and a sublime glass of local Chianti wine. Try our “Fettunta” made with the sweetest oil you have ever tasted, and expand your palate with Italian delicacies.

For the adventurer, enjoy:

  • Horseback riding through vinyards, orchards, and the countryside.
  • Parasailing over the sweeping views of Tuscany.
  • Rent a bike or hike the trails through the winding mountains, or venture into the quaint nearby towns.
  • Learn to cook traditional meals with a local profession chef (and eat your creations!)
  • Enjoy a wine tasting with a professional sommelier and learn the history of Italian wine while enjoying the finest local wines.


Enjoy Fattoria Montalbano all year round. All the different seasons in the countryside have their special attraction. In the spring: everything comes to life and the countryside is full of colours and perfumes.

  • The summer and spring: the sound of the birds and animals, the ripening grapes, the fresh evenings spent enjoying the folklore of the festivities of Tuscan towns.
  • The autumn: the grape harvest, the new oil (long awaited throughout the year), the fresh mushrooms and chestnuts.
  • The winter: nature rests under the snow, the fireplaces warm the home and are perfect to have a glass of mulled wine or Italian hot chocolate.


Montalbano also hosts spectacular destination weddings for small groups. Enjoy personalized service to make the planning process smooth, and host the wedding of your dreams in any of the beautiful locations surrounded by nature, and stay on site in any of the lavish villas.